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Upcoming Auctions

1st March 2018 Auction

We will be holding an auction on the 1st March at 12pm to include paintings, furniture, jewellery, ceramics, objects of vertu etc.


Auction Highlights

1st February 2018 Auction Highlights

Despite the cold weather the auction room was the hottest place to be on the 1st February with strong competition right throughout the sale. The jewellery and silver section was well attended and some fierce bidding took place with one certain buyer being so rude shouting and complaining about him not buying items and having to bid above the estimates throughout the section it became a bit of a laugh, I felt sorry for his wife having to wake up next to him.

The picture and ceramic section was also very lively with some good prices achieved.

for years it's has been said that brown furniture is out of fashion, well there are very good indications country wide that the market is changing. About time too!!!


Here are the highs and lows



Lot 10a sapphire ring est. £400/600

Sold to a telephone phone bidder £1900



Lot. 14 five stone diamond ring

est. £4000/6000

Bid of £3400 so couldn't let it go



Lot. 27 Victorian yellow metal bangle est. £100/200 sold £950



diamond full eternity ring

Est. £400/600, the owner paid £1500, not a bid, nothing wrong with it and worth every penny of our estimate.



 a good collection of silver that Our Paul Hayes went all the way to the Isle of Mann to collect, all sold, two - three times the estimates


The picture section was good with some very happy vendors


Lot 140 17th century old master sketch, est £100/200 sold £1100


Lot 150 David Cox oil est £300/500

Sold £1400.


And numerous other pictures with similar over estimate results.


Lot 510 a Tabriz rug est £200/300

Sold £1200


Followed by a good furniture section.

As stated earlier the furniture sales are coming back, perhaps people are now releasing what great value for money antique furniture is, and how it has stood the test of time.

Next auction 1st March